2013 En Primeur – Did Bordeaux get the pricing right?

The month’s end sees the Bordeaux 2013 en primeur season draw to a close and what opinion is to be drawn? Certainly many wholesale acquirers of fine wine may feel that much of the Bordelaise community is still not in tune with the market when it comes to pricing strategy. 2013 is the third vintage consecutively which is considered by many to be overpriced at release. Certainly it begs the question – what is the value of acquiring wines en primeur when physical vintages are available at cheaper prices. The chart shows 2013 prices in comparison to the cheapest physical vintage on the market.

Additional to the wines noted in the chart Cheval Blanc released prices on the 29th April at 12 per cent discount to 2012 and Ausone at 15 per cent below.

Our view: The Vin-X team is not currently recommending 2013 en primeur purchases but we will continue to monitor prices as despite the challenges of the vintage there are a some outstanding wines for investors.

Chart: 2013 Compared to the Cheapest Vintage Available