2014, the year in reverse

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is definitely more rewarding in investment circles and as we speed towards the end of 2014 it seems that trends this autumn have been bucked and we should look forward to the future with confidence. This has been the first final quarter for 3 years when the fine wine market has actually risen towards the end of the year and heralds some genuine green shoots on the horizon. Liv-ex have charted this trend in a recent blog and it would seem that there are genuine grounds for optimism for 2015.

The main problem in the last 3 years has been the false optimism about each year’s en primeur campaign in the spring which have all fallen back to earth with a bump due to poor pricing and less than stellar vintages. The trend this year has been different because the trade knew that the 2013 vintage would be poor and the Bordelais complied by refusing to drop their prices so that the wines would sell. Now the word on the street is that 2014 will be a return to form and the Bordelais are sitting on too much unsold stock and will need to generate sufficient capital to cope with the shortfalls of the last 3 years. 2015 looks like being a very different year that will roar in to life in top gear. Click below to read full article.