2015 – Whisperings from Bordeaux

There is a track record forming – vintages ending in a 0 or a 5 do well. 2000, a good year, 2005 one of the best of the new millennium so far, 2010 – stellar, we have been advised by the world’s most notable wine critics – ‘one of the modern greats’ and every serious wine investor should hold at least a case of wine from the latter two.  The quality of the overall vintage without doubt has an influence over the value of individual wines.

So here we are – a matter of days away from the first pickings of the 2015 harvest, what are the initial impressions and first mutterings on the grapevine? No pun intended!

Olivier Bernard, President of The Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, issued a statement recently, headed ‘2015: the dawn of a great vintage…’.  Explaining the fact that great Bordeaux vintages require sunny summers, he went on to confirm the fact that May, June and July 15 were among some of the hottest and driest on record stimulating an early start on the ripening process. Bernard comments “I have not seen such an early, even veraison (colour change) since 2009” – notably the most important and prolifically high scoring vintage in modern times.

It is planned that the Merlot grapes will be harvested in the last fortnight of this month and the Cabernets in the first two weeks of October, again Bernard refers to “magnificent potential” but there is a critical few weeks to pass yet.

I will be there with Geoffrey Dean and Renaud Ruer as the grapes are harvested and will get the wine makers’ and chateaux’ owners views as they land on the sorting tables of some of the finest vineyards in the world. It doesn’t get anymore exciting than that!