A star is born…

I have already talked about Château Troplong Mondot in Saint-Emilion. I love everything about it: the place, the château, the team, the owner and the wine of course. I have been privileged to taste many vintages, and the experience is always a good one. I particularly remember a magnum of 1995 we enjoyed with friends, in honor of a 20th wedding anniversary: simply amazing.

When Xavier Pariente, Troplong Mondot’s owner, with his wife Christine, decided to open a restaurant within the wine estate, he knew he was undertaking a serious challenge. Even if it was his wife’s tradition to cook for friends and wine lovers from all over the world, to make it professional is another matter.

Chateau Troplong Mondot owner, Mr Xavier Pariente,
with his Chef David Charrier

In 2013, M. Pariente met David Charrier and appointed him Chef at the Restaurant “Les Belles Perdrix”. Very rapidly, it became the restaurant of choice for the other châteaux owners, the merchants and the Bordeaux brokers. And very rapidly, it became difficult to secure a table.

Les Belles Perdrix’s superb success passed another landmark in February 2016 when the restaurant, nestling in the vines of Chateau Troplong Mondot, and Chef David Charrier received their first Michelin Star. In my view, no other restaurant in the area deserves it as much as they. The quality of the menu is so exceptional, the products are fantastic, and this chef has a gift! David Charrier and his team have carefully established an exclusive network of local producers, with whom he defines rigorous specifications: seasonality, quality, freshness and exclusivity.

Add to this an amazing wine list at really fair prices, from vineyards throughout France, it’s an experience not to be missed in this part of France. Les Belles Perdrix gives you even more of a reason to visit Château Troplong Mondot and profit from the “luxury à la française”, elegant and sophisticated, simple but perfect.

Vin-X CEO, Peter Shakehaft commented; “during our tour of Saint Emilion with Vin-X clients in the 2015 harvest last October, we enjoyed an extraordinary lunch there and were impressed by the food and wonderful setting as we dined on the terrace overlooking the vines. We were privileged to enjoy the Chateau Troplong Mondot 1999, 2004, 2006 and 2009 (achieved a Parker 99 point score) vintages with Mr Pariente over lunch.  Our guests claimed it was “the best meal of their lives” and It was a truly unforgettable experience. We are not surprised to hear of the Michelin accolade and it is thoroughly deserved.”

Like his wine, Xavier Pariente has ensured that his restaurant aims for perfection. The Michelin Guide has confirmed that he has got it right. Thanks to him, there is a star now in Saint-Emilion. For more information on Chateau Troplong Mondot and Les Belles Perdrix please visit www.chateau-troplong-mondot.com