Analysis Shows Wine Performance Exceeds Equities, Gold and Property

Vin-X analysts are preparing a report on the long-term history of the fine wine market and its performance compared to other assets classes.  The findings so far have been striking and given the Aranca research recently published, worth commenting on in advance of the publication of our analysis.

By looking at prices for five of the most commonly held assets since 1988 (when wine market data capture first commenced) on a month-by-month basis, Vin-X have been able to analyse 268 discrete 5-year holds and 208 10-year holds. The data shows how wine has performed against equities, gold and property over a meaningful period of time that includes two significant ‘bear markets’ for wine.

Results show that wine has seen almost twice the growth of the next best performing asset (gold), and around 270% better than the poorest (FTSE) in the period.

More detail will be shown in our upcoming report, but the graph below should give you a taste of what’s to come.