Antonio Galloni points to 2017 Right Bank wines Troplong Mondot and Pavie in a challenging vintage

In a recent interview with Liv-ex Antonio Galloni shares his views on the 2017 vintage; “For me 2017 is very clearly a Right Bank vintage…. It’s not a great vintage across the board – it’s just a very good vintage with some highlights – and because of this, I think people are very afraid to take a view that is outside of the consensus. It’s too risky.”

When asked his top picks Galloni lists Ausone, Petrus, Troplong Mondot, Lafleur and Vieux Chateau Certan claiming that ‘These wines are all amazing.” He points to the benefits enjoyed by those vineyards positioned in the plateaus and upper hillsides of Bordeaux, which, as a consequence, managed to avoid last year’s frosts. “Mother Mature made a sort of ‘natural selection’ that resulted in thrilling wines.” Galloni draws out Chateau Pavie, Troplong Mondot. L’If and Belaiar Monange as ‘really intriguing’ and he really wants to see “where they go”.

Of the Left Bank wines, he highlights Lafite, Las Cases and Les Carmes Haut Brion but claims that the Right Bank is much more exciting.

In terms of the En Primeur system and pricing of the 2017 vintage, Galloni comments that “vintages don’t live in isolation, they live in context. We’ve just had two very srong vintages – 2015 and 2016 – and we have a currency situation that is not particularly favourable. All of that suggests that for 2017s to really move they have to be priced attractively.”

This stance supports our view completely – 2017 is a vintage to approach carefully. We have a few key targets but price is key.