Wine Investing – outperforming more traditional investments

Wine Investing

For anyone looking for an investment opportunity, wine investing is now consistently outperforming more traditional investments such as stocks and shares or gold. In the current economic climate, it is a more stable investment because the prices of fine wines have remained relatively steady and are not dependent on interest rates or other economic conditions.

Wine investing is also generally a tax-free investment, meaning that you won’t normally be subject to any charges such as capital gains, income or inheritance tax, and all of your profits will be tax-free too. Exceptions to this apply if you are thought to be trading in wine, so if you are unsure, do seek advice. There is a finite supply of stock which, when coupled with the increase in demand, means that fine wines are a much sought-after item and so an attractive proposition for any investors.

Here at Vin-X, we are a professional and established company dedicated to wine investing. We have access to the latest market information which means that you can get the most out of your investment and all of our client wines are stored at industry-leading facilities which are fully insured and storage is included for three years, with condition reports also available. We are also members of the London International Vitners Exchange (Liv-ex) and the Wine Investment Association.

To find out more about making an investment, give our experienced team a call on 0203 384 2262.