Arts & Collections magazine interviews Vin-X Founder on fine wine investment

Arts & Collections magazine has a specialist focus on luxury collectables, offering a broad coverage of international cultural events including the latest exhibitions and auctions offering access to the world’s most highly sought after luxury assets and alternative investments, such as property. The magazine runs features on ancient to modern, rare and luxury assets, from the Treasures of Tutankhamen to contemporary artists such as Banksy, from award winning photography to rare whisky, keeping the reader educated and aware of when there are key collections coming to market or auction around the world.

The magazine asked Vin-X Founder, Peter Shakeshaft to shed some light on the fine wine market and the fundamentals of investing in it. The print and digital publication provides private individuals, including high net worth’s, with information on rare ‘passion assets’ and collections that are of particular interest to collectors. Art is a key focus, but features have also been done on rare vintage watches, classic cars, property and now fine wine.

The first Arts & Collections edition of 2020 includes the interview with Peter and you can see a digital version of this striking magazine and read the full article.

For more information on investing in fine wine see the Vin-X Guide to Collecting and Investing in Fine Wine