Arts & Collections Magazine looks at Fine Wine as an Alternative Asset in 2020

Specialist collectors and luxury assets magazine, Arts & Collections launched its January 2020 edition with a dramatic cover image of Rhianna and featured an interview with Vin-X founder, Peter Shakeshaft. Chris Jenkins, the article’s author asks whether wine is a good investment and how does it compare with more readily recognised alternative assets such as gold.

As with all investments, fine wine’s performance is influenced by a number of factors, but in comparison to volatile financial markets it has a track record of providing stable growth that has delivered greater returns than equities and alternatives, such as gold and property, over the long term. This performance characteristic has led to it being considered as an option to diversify an investment portfolio.Chateau Cheval Blanc 1947 Wine Bottle

The Arts & Collections article is an easily consumed read which looks at fine wine investment featuring its general exemption from Capital Gains Tax (subject to personal circumstances), investor protection, along with the importance of provenance, storage and insurance. Peter explains current market trends, which wines are considered the most important wines for investors and buying wines en primeur.

Liv-ex reported in January that, at 31st December 2019, its Liv-ex 1000 benchmark had recorded 42.8% growth over five years compared to FTSE 100’s 14.9% and gold 28.9%, it is definitely worth looking at fine wine as an alternative investment option.

There is an opportunity right now. As we all know, 2019 was a challenging year for fine wine due to Brexit uncertainty, US Tariffs and global geopolitical issues. Not every year will suit every asset and inevitable lower points can provide great opportunities to position for growth – the aim of every investor – talk to our specialist team now to get the latest details on wines offering value to fine wine investors.

Read the Arts & Collections article for more information and you can also download  Vin-X Guide to Investing in and Collecting Fine Wine and talk to a member of our team on 0203 384 2262.