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What are the tax benefits of investing in fine wine?

How does HMRC treat investments in fine wine? Our latest report, ‘THE TAX TREATMENT OF FINE WINE‘, is written by independent tax specialist, Peter Owen of Gatwick Enterprise Tax Services Limited, who has just published his annual review on the tax regime affecting fine wine and provides a ‘user-friendly’ explanation of how HMRC classifies fine […]

Wine Investment: How do you invest in fine wine?

Investing in fine wine is the treatment of wine as a tangible, alternative asset with the potential to deliver a return on your capital over time. Fine wine performance is commented on regularly in mainstream media, but how do you invest in fine wine? The key is to understand which wines are recognised by the […]

Which 2018 En Primeur wines should you be looking at?

Which 2018 wines should you be looking to include in your portfolio planning? The determining factors of a successful Bordeaux futures campaign are quality, price and supply. Buying wine en primeur has pros and cons as we refer to in our website and have commented on previously. In recent years there has been a mixed […]

Should you invest in Bordeaux 2018 En Primeurs ?

Fine wine trade buyers and critics from all over the world were in Bordeaux last week to taste the 2018 crop and the market is now waiting for the quality scores first and then the release prices which will start to hit the market in May. So should you invest in the 2018 en primeurs? […]

Bordeaux 2009 – will the critics’ scores move prices?

The ten-year tasting of Bordeaux’s 2009 vintage is probably the most highly anticipated review for a number of years. Parker’s en primeur scoring of the vintage in Spring 2010, where he rated a staggering 18 wines the perfect 100 points, broke all records and moved markets. The market timing for such a great vintage was […]

Knight Frank ranks fine wine in top 3 Luxury Investments in 2019 Wealth Report

Property investment specialists, Knight Frank, have just published the 2019 edition of their annual Wealth Report which is recognised as one of the few independent sources of publicly available information on private wealth investment trends and what assets interest and influence Ultra High Net Worths (UHNWs) and High Net Worth (HNW) investors around the world. […]

Vin-X Fine Wine Investment Market Report February 2019

Our latest Fine Wine Investment Market Report provides information on the market trends and specific wines to aid investors and collectors when considering their fine wine portfolio planning for the year ahead. The Report reviews the market performance in 2018 and compares the key Liv-ex indices with the FTSE 100, the S&P 500 and gold. […]

Bordeaux road trip reveals first whispers of 2018 excellence

You are hard-pushed to find a better way to fill time than visiting the great Chateaux of Bordeaux on a day warm with early Spring sunshine. The vines in February feel embryonic, slimly aligned to the training wires, pre-leaf and bud, dormant and expectant. Just like the great houses themselves, sat amidst the hectares and […]

Will the 10-year tastings of Parker’s highest ever scored Bordeaux vintage impact prices?

Lauded by the world’s most influential wine critic as “Unquestionably the greatest Bordeaux vintage I have ever tasted” the 2009 wines are now being tasted at ten years old. Parker rated the quality of the Bordeaux wines in 2009 as fantastic across the region and that it was the finest vintage since 1982, surpassing the […]