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Every 4 – 6 weeks we publish a review on the fine wine market gathering together key performance data and relevant trade information we believe is important to share with fine wine investors and those considering entering the market. In our September 2018 Fine Wine Investment Market Report we take our usual look at the […]

First Growth Latour – a sign of things to come?

Chateau Latour releases a top vintage second wine at a 20% premium. The Bordeaux First Growths’ second wines have grabbed attention and market share over the last 12 months. Chateau Lafite’s Carruades-Lafite has been one of the highest volume traded wines on Liv-ex in 2018. With this back-drop we look at the release this month of […]

Screaming Eagle – California’s iconic ‘high flyer’

The iconic Screaming Eagle enjoys the special aura and phenomenon of the super rare Californian cult Cabernets with tiny production and tightly held distribution. Benefiting from the perception that you have to be a ‘special insider’ to gain access to these rare wines, valuations achieved by Screaming Eagle have been record breaking. It all began […]

Scarecrow: Hollywood’s star Californian ‘Cult Wine’

There is some history of ‘Hollywood aristocracy’ acquiring wine interests in Napa Valley which continues today. The origins of Scarecrow, one of the five wines included in Liv-ex’s recently launched California 50 index, traces back to the late Joseph Judson Cohn, former MGM vice-president and executive producer of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. J.J. Cohn’s time […]

DOMINUS – Petrus’ Napa Cousin in top 5 California 50 index

The international secondary market in Dominus and the other top Californian, investment-grade wines is now sufficiently established for Liv-ex, the fine wine world’s equivalent of a ‘stock-exchange’, to create a dedicated benchmark; the newly launched California 50 index. In our current Californian series we take a closer look now at Dominus and the influence of […]

An introduction to California’s OPUS ONE

“Wine is born, then it lives. But it never dies, in man it lives on”, Baron Philippe de Rothschild. California’s famous Opus One is the product of the shared vision of two of the most influential winemakers of all time, Chateau Mouton Rothschild’s Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Napa Valley’s Robert Mondavi. Sadly no longer […]

Harlan Estate – the Californian First Growth

With California a key focus of the wine market currently in terms of performance and Liv-ex’s recent launch of the California 50 benchmark, we will take a closer look at the top five wines of the region in our next series of blogs and start with Harlan Estate. “After various tastings of Harlan wines and […]