BBC’s John Pienaar interviews Jancis Robinson MW on the effect of Brexit

Jancis Robinson, OBE, MW, and advisor to the Royal Wine Cellar, was interviewed by the BBC’s John Pienaar on his Sunday morning politics show on October 16th for her view on the effect of Brexit on the wine market.

Once you get passed Alex Salmond’s, another of Pienaar’s guests on the show, embarrassing attempts to position himself on the subject, one of the UK’s foremost wine critics and writers, revealed the fact that after the UK’s referendum vote in June, such was the demand for fine wine in London that a number of notable cellars were known to be running out of stock.

Much of this demand is being fuelled by the fall in Sterling and opportunistic foreign buyers but the facts are – the situation isn’t changing anytime soon and the supply of British owned fine wine is getting squeezed, benefiting owners of fine wine seeing a sustainable rise in the value of their assets.

Another politician, Nick Clegg, has also commented on increased prices for UK wine consumers in the trade press this week as a result of Brexit.

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