Better than perfect – 100 point wine score

A 100pt wine is considered a perfect score. But it’s not the bestscore…

100 Point Wine ScoreWhen new investors take their first tentative steps into fine wine investment, one of the first things they ask is often something along the lines of “with so many producers, vintages and variables, how do I know which wine to choose? Isn’t there a way of comparing them?” One of the great things about Robert Parker Jr’s tenure (some would say reign) over the world of wine criticism is his scoring system, giving every wine a point score out of 100, making wines easier to compare. A 100 point wine is a rare beast indeed, being regarded as quite literally a perfect wine, and having such a marvel in your portfolio or cellar is a rare privilege indeed.

However, when it comes to wine investment rather than wine consumption, there is an even better score: 99+. Parker’s plus sign indicates a high likelihood of the wine being scored higher at a later date when it is tasted again, indicating an inevitable rise in price. It’s all about growth rather than current value with wine investment: It’s all well and good to have a wine worth £20,000, but does it have much further to go? Similarly, a £1,000 wine may not be worth a huge amount of money, but what will it be worth in the future? A 99+ score represents the best of both worlds: established and confirmed quality, but with enough scope and  potential to go much, much further in the future.