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Wine market news – what’s the latest?

From gin and wine collaborations and tense trade relations, to new Bordeaux grape varieties and the first Saint-Émilion Chardonnay, find out what has been going on in the world of wine.

What impact may Chancellor Sunak’s spending review have on fine wine investors?

Chancellor’s Sunak’s review and spending plans for 2021 set out in the House of Commons yesterday made for a pretty sobering reality check, but are fine wine investors well positioned to hedge recession and market volatility ahead?

Champagne’s corks a-popping in 2020 as Cristal delivers 11.6% growth!

Champagne has continued to fizz during 2020, despite the global pandemic, with the region’s share of trade on Liv-ex set to be the largest on record and individual wines delivering double digit returns to investors.

Understand the factors delivering Fine Wine Market confidence in 2020

Fine wine is withstanding unparalleled challenges in 2020 and despite this market confidence has grown as trade maintains robust growth whilst global economies have shrunk and financial markets become increasingly volatile. We look at the factors driving growing market confidence and strong performance trends

Suckling’s ‘Perfect Wines’ could lift spirits this Lockdown Christmas

“It’s been a tough year for all of us and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But a glass of terrific quality wine certainly helps us through…” James Suckling, one of the world’s most influential wine critics, has released his annual ranking of Top 100 Wines of the Year.

Liv-ex reported record levels of trade, supporting continued strong growth

Liv-ex reported the highest levels of trade by value in a single month on the exchange since July 2011, in October 2020, and the trend continues to rise in November. In the week to Friday 13th, the fine wine exchange recorded its all-time highest exposure offering great opportunities for fine wine investors

Wine outperforms Rolls Royce as Pfizer delivers a shot in the arm for financial markets

When you compare the performance of staple equity and fine wine investments such as Rolls Royce and Screaming Eagle the results speak for themselves and illustrate why every investor should be considering diversifying their portfolio with fine wine.

What’s going on in the wine market?

From wine market trade tensions between Australia and China and export-approved Rosé Prosecco, to eco-friendly packaging from Perrier-Jouët and ‘A Festival of Wine’ in Hong Kong, read about the latest happenings of the wine market.

US Election Day; Fine Wine sees record growth with index up 1.16%

Fine wine continues to deliver impressive growth during this tumultuous period and as the US ballots reach their final hours, Liv-ex announces Napa’s investment wines led the exchange to the second largest trade month in the last decade.

Halloween Horrors 2020: A Rampant killer virus & US Election give markets the jitters

This week has seen more significant falls in global financial markets as Covid cases surge across continents and the UK recorded equivalent ‘Death numbers’ to May 2020 on the 27th October.

Warren Buffet endorses fine wine investment as a profitable safe haven

It’s not new news that fine wine has a demonstrable track record of delivering long-term stable growth and protecting capital during periods of economic stress and recession. 2020 has illustrated this asset performance with absolute clarity during a global pandemic.


2020 so far has illustrated perfectly fine wine’s fundamental asset performance as uncorrelated to volatile financial markets, delivering stable growth during global economic distress as the world learns to deal with a pandemic. As a tangible, low-risk investment.


Key investment wines have delivered double-digit growth in just one month throughout 2020 showing that some investors are achieving dynamic growth over a very short period.

Estate focus: Bond – one of Napa Valley’s rising stars

California’s iconic fine wines are ‘on-trend’ for investors and in a recent blog we commented on the USA fine wine market having shown outstanding growth within the last year, more than doubling its share of trade value on Liv-ex compared to 2019.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” – M. Twain

In a year where one would naturally think there hasn’t been much to pop a cork about the Champagne market is fizzing, as a result the Liv-ex Champagne 50 is the top performing regional index seeing a 5% growth trend YTD at the end of September 2020.