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Why You Need Portfolio Management of Your Wine Investment.

Why do you need ‘portfolio management of your fine wine investments? Like all ‘investments’ understanding a sector and which assets have growth potential, what factors influence performance and when is the right time to buy and sell is key. Find out why it pays to have a specialist portfolio manager for wine investment… 

Champagne’s effervescent launch into 2021!

Investment Champagnes were fizzing winners in 2020 with Moet & Chandon’s Dom Perignon and Louis Roederer both ranked in the top ten most powerful fine wine brands in Liv-ex’s Power 100 2020 Report. Top flight bubbles accounted for 8.9% of trade value on Liv-ex last year and the trend has continued into ‘abstemious January’…

Power 100 US iconic Screaming Eagle the obvious toast to President Biden

The world will watch probably the most potent formal handover over of US Presidential power at Joe Biden’s inauguration this Wednesday 21st January – will he toast the occasion with the iconic US fine wine Screaming Eagle

On the grapevine: Wine news from 1st-15th January 2021

From the International Space Station to a counterfeit wine raid in China, find out the latest wine news from 1st-15th January 2021.

Liv-ex Power 100 brands of 2020 will guide fine wine investors in 2021

Liv-ex’s Power 100 2020 Report ranks the most powerful fine wine brands traded on Liv-ex and provides a valuable indicator for fine wine investors on which investment wines they should be acquiring for growth in 2021.

Liv-ex 100’s 5.4% growth in 2020 points investors to fine wine’s value in 2021

The Liv-ex 100, closed 2020 up 5.4% – great news for fine wine investors who may have seen their equity investments tumble last year and a promising indicator for investment strategies in 2021.

Answer our survey for your chance to win a case of Perrier-Jouet Champagne for your portfolio

We’d like to invite our clients to take part in a short survey to help us get to know you better and understand how you feel about us. Your response will help us craft a more bespoke experience for you to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment and benefits from your relationship with the Vin-X […]

2020 Fine Wine Market Review

We review the markets at the end of the year and Fine Wine has stood out as one of the very few assets that has maintained strong growth during 2020. Investors should consider this performance when planning for 2021 …


Covid-19 has affected all investment markets making 2020 an unprecedented year with records set for values lost and the economic impact for all nations. Where have investors found safe havens during the global pandemic…

On the grape vine: Latest wine news

From Phillip Schofield’s Eco-concious wine to Wine Spectators Top 100 Wines of 2020, find out the latest wine news from Vin-X.

Hedge expected Brexit currency volatility with fine wine

As the Brexit negotiations extend to ‘the wire’ financial markets are responding and currency analysts expect increasing volatility in Sterling – diversifying into fine wine can protect capital and hedge currency movements

Liv-ex reports on top performing wines in 2020

Liv-ex has just published its most traded and top price performing wines in this most extraordinary year. The leading wines have returned growth over 20% since December 2019, with a Bordeaux stalwart seeing 37% growth …

Champagne leads sustained growth in buoyant fine wine market

The fine wine market enjoyed a sustained ninth consecutive month of growth in November 2020 setting another record in terms of the volume and value of trade on Liv-ex, with top market movers all from Champagne. Liv-ex reported increased levels of live bid and offers with a total exposure of over £80million…

Investing in Fine Wine – Is It Worth the Money?

Investors considering alternative assets may well ask this question. Discover whether owning investment wines is worth the money and understand the benefits.

Will China’s Xu Bing influence demand for Mouton Rothschild’s 2018 vintage?

Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2018 will be adorned by the artwork of Xu Bing, one of China’s foremost pioneering artists. For collectors and investors seeking to combine fine wine with collectible art, Mouton Rothchild is a key investment wine and this year’s artist an exciting reveal