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Fine wine continues to enjoy advantageous tax treatment

The Autumn 2013 Budget statement may have had implications for property owners and certain structures such as corporate partnerships, but for owners of fine wine it continues to be good news.  HMRC’s classification of wine as a wasting asset generally means it is exempt from Capital Gains Tax, a definite plus for fine wine, which […]

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The Grapes of Wrath

With harvesting in Bordeaux finished and the 2013 crop shaping up to be a real disappointment, Vin-X takes a look at how this may impact the market in 2014. It’s not easy being a wine merchant. Picture the scene: the 2013 harvest is coming to an end, Christmas is approaching. You’ve had a hard year […]

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Don’t Believe the Hype (The Market Certainly Doesn’t!)

It was Halloween, and true to form for this red-letter day in the horror calendar, a truly terrifying sentence rolled across the tickers of financial news services worldwide. “Global  Wine Shortage!” the papers howled. “Demand already outstripping supply!” screamed the financial news channels. “Weather and Global Warming to blame!” shrieked the wine industry PR machine. […]

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How do you poison a Bordeaux Classed Growth?

Answer: Burn a bonfire full of toxic waste! Whilst this is a recent true story it simply highlights how sensitive vines can be and more importantly how critical vineyard management is. Fortunately only 6 hectares of Leoville Las Cases were affected by the smoke from Leoville Poyferre. The affected grapes did not ripen further and […]

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Why you should sip Cristal Champagne and not waste it!

When most people think of Cristal Champagne they have an image of rappers or celebrities needlessly spraying champagne around to demonstrate that whilst they may be spectacularly wealthy they are also spectacularly stupid for Cristal Champagne has a heritage and history like few other champagnes. It was specifically created for Tsar Alexander II of Russia […]

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