Bordeaux considers life after Parker

In our final visit to Bordeaux in 2014 we caught up with our representative in the world’s wine capital to get the ‘Bordeaux view’ on the market as we approach the end of the year. He advised that one of the key emerging points of debate for the region is what will happen post Robert Parker? What is the real value of The Wine Advocate after he retires? Parker’s scores have driven speculation in Bordeaux prices for decades. The market has got used to prices being benchmarked to Parker’s tasting notes and rankings.

Will the Bordeaux chateaux have more control over market values after his retirement in a few years time? Questions are starting to be asked – is there an opportunity for La Place de Bordeaux to gain control over its market in a way it hasn’t enjoyed since the early 1980s. No doubt this is a fascinating debate, hugely commercially sensitive and Bordeaux is waking up to it now. We are keen to take this into the public forum, so watch this space.