Bordeaux road trip reveals first whispers of 2018 excellence

You are hard-pushed to find a better way to fill time than visiting the great Chateaux of Bordeaux on a day warm with early Spring sunshine. The vines in February feel embryonic, slimly aligned to the training wires, pre-leaf and bud, dormant and expectant. Just like the great houses themselves, sat amidst the hectares and rows, all senses trained on the fermenters within, in which relatively little is known yet about the 2018 vintage, ahead of the trade en primeur tastings in the first weeks of April. Wine manner

This week I was lucky enough to enjoy just such an experience, working my way south from St Estephe’s Cos d”Estournel  on the Left Bank in the north, crossing the river in Bordeaux to finish with Chateau Pavie in St Emilion, whilst enjoying some spectacular food and wine enroute.

The overall theme, for those prepared to whisper anything at this stage (ahead of the key critics’ opinions post the tastings in April), is that 2018 has the early characteristics of a seriously good Bordeaux vintage.

Chateau Pavie was particularly generous in their discussions with us and the team there are extremely excited about 2018; their thoughts at this stage are that this latest vintage “takes the best of all of the modern Pavie vintages; as much fruit and exuberance as 2005, 2009 and 2015 combined with the structure and elegance of 2010 and 2016.”

We will be back for the tastings in April and will point you to the best opportunities of 2018 as the critics’ scores are published. For more information on investing in fine wine en primeur contact the Vin-X team now on 0203 384 2262.

Headline Image credit: Chateau Pavie, Mr Serge CHAPUIS