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City of London Police link up with Wine Investment Association

The Wine Investment Association (WIA) is cooperating with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to provide better protection for wine investors and increase consumer confidence in the industry.

Peter Shakeshaft, director of the WIA and Vin-X founder said: “WIA provides industry guidance to companies that trade in fine wine with the aim of protecting their customers and the integrity of the industry. Those companies that have successfully completed the independent audit process commissioned by the association will bear the WIA logo, offering consumers a ‘safety kitemark’ to trust.”

January 2013 Summary


Liv-ex 100 January Market close +2.8% (MOM)   Liv-ex 50 January Market close + 3.5% (MOM)  


January performance reports make for exciting reading for wine investors; there is a real buzz around the market as we once again see impressive price movements.  The Liv-ex trading platform has reported a record number of bids as well as the highest ratio of bids to offers since June 2011.  This increased activity has resulted in Liv-ex 100 posting the highest month end closing figures for two years pushing the market to an uplift of 2.8% since the beginning of 2013.  The biggest movers were predominately the First Growths with Haut Brion 2008 posting the highest rise at 10.7%.

As  you may recall we at Vin-X published an article predicting the market would bottom out at the end of July last year.  Since then we have seen a flat market but also an increase in bids with many astute investors realising it was an excellent opportunity to buy.  Figures suggest that we are may be on the cusp of exciting growth in the market; the Daily Telegraph reported some commentators predicting an increase of up to 14% across all indexes.

Percentile and point change since calling the market on July 27th ’12 Liv-ex 100 (Jul close – Jan close) (4.05%) + 10.44pts

Percentile and point change since calling the market on July 27th ’12 Liv-ex 50 (Jul 27th close – Jan 31st close) (4.76%) + 14.22pts

We have collated a range of news articles that provide interesting reading on the market and give a good indication of the key reports affecting the market over the last month. Visit for details.