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Burgundy hitting bullish benchmarks in Spring 2021

Trade levels and price growth in Burgundy investment wines are at the highest level since the 2018 bull run – are wine investors positioning for another? Burgundy is currently recording trade levels not seen since the bull-run peaks of November 2018. Certainly, the US Tariff suspension has put additional energy into the market as North […]

Fine Wine investment performance and top wines for growth Q1 2021

Fine wine investments have continued growing at a pace in the first quarter of 2021. Liv-ex reports increasing volume and value traded on the exchange with March recording the broadest month of trade with transactions in 1,250 distinct wines. Of these 130 are newcomers to the secondary market. We look at the top performers in the last year…

Burgundy investments back on the rise as Biden re-opens the door to US buyers

Burgundy was put back on the shopping list this March for US buyers and fine wine investors with Joe Biden’s suspension of the US Tariffs on the 5th March. Merchants and Liv-ex report an immediate impact on trade in March 2021 with increased demand especially for the big brand Bordeaux and Burgundy investment wines. Find out more…

Bordeaux En Primeurs 2020 – will you be investing?

The Bordeaux 2020 vintage en primeur tastings are just a month away – it’s time to be considering whether you will be adding the region’s new arrivals to your collection. The 2019 vintage was released to the market at discounts around 30% for some of the top wines, creating the most exciting en primeur campaign for investors in the last decade. Will 2020 offer similar opportunities?

Fine wine market continues to deliver strong returns to investors in Q1 2021

The fine wine market has had a robust start to 2021 with all of the Liv-ex Fine Wine indices in positive territory and the growth trends established in 2020 sustained in Q1 to date. We look at the latest performance data and top performing wines and regions for wine investors in Q1 2021…