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FT’s Money Management Financial Planner Awards 2017

Vin-X has sponsored the category ‘Alternative Assets Planner of the Year’ – for your chance to enter please visit:

Strengthen financial planning with fine wine

Austin Healey – Vin-X Non-Executive Director launches the Company’s fine wine investment platform for wealth managers and professionals with a network of clients providing a comprehensive fine wine investment solution for their customers. Read  the details in the FT Adviser article here: 

Bordeaux 2015 Hype Backed By Negociant

Wine Investment Outpaces Stocks And Shares

Classic Cars And Fine Wines Leave Warren Buffett Trailing

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Broker Says Fine Wine Investment Could Be A Haven Of Stability In Ftse Bear Market

Can Fine Wine Returns Continue To Outpace Major Indices Over The Long Term?

How To Invest In Wine: Expert Reveals What You Need To Know

Talk Radio’s Alexis Conran speaks with Vin-X Founder, Peter Shakeshaft, in his capacity as a Director of the Wine Investment Association about regulation in the wine industry – click here to listen

New Jobs At Wine Business After Brexit Vote

Vin-X CEO Peter Shakeshaft Outlines A Potentially Positive Outcome For The Trade From Brexit