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Excitement in Bordeaux as the 2019 harvest gets underway.

The 2019 vintage harvest in Bordeaux started with the white varietals and is now well under way. Current predictions for the red are that Merlot will be ready about the 20thSeptember and the Cabernets may stretch into October. Sauternes will be the last appellation to complete with the individual vineyard passes to pick botrytised grapes […]

Will Jay-Z’s most expensive Champagne become a collector’s item?

Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac Champagne is due to release its third and most expensive limited edition Champagne this week in the US and in the UK on the 16th September.  The world’s top rapper’s commercial acumen has seen him set trends and create a vast fortune throughout his career and his acquisition of Armand de Brignac […]

Record fine wine auction sales in the 1H 2019 points to an upbeat market this Autumn

Strong sales figures published by the world’s leading auction houses for 1H 2019 indicate a healthy fine wine market with robust expectations for the key Autumn sales period ahead. Sotheby’s reported record sales of £52million for their ‘live’ fine wine auctions during the first half of 2019, an increase of 23 per cent for the […]

Importance of Drinking Windows for Wine

The drinking window of a fine wine is an important factor for wine investors as it sets indicative time parameters for important milestones in drinking quality and changes in demand and supply of fine wine.   What do we mean by ‘wine drinking window’? A fine wine’s drinking window is the optimum period during which […]

Special Report: An Introduction to Burgundy – a guide to the world’s most valuable wines

Download our ‘Introduction to Burgundy Report‘ and learn more about this understated region that produces the world’s most valuable wines. Written by wine journalist, Geoffrey Dean, the report highlights the key wines of the region and provides a list of the latest up and coming wines to hit the market. Burgundy is the class leader in […]

Liv-ex records new trading high over £70million and improving market efficiencies

Liv-ex, the fine wine market equivalent of the Stock Exchange, has published record trading levels in August 2019. The market reached a new trading peak of a total of £71million, representing over 14,000 live markets (active bids and offers). This is an important measure for Liv-ex as the world’s leading fine wine trade exchange facility. […]

Liv-ex 2019 Classification of the Top Traded Global Fine Wines – Burgundy dominates

Liv-ex has just published its 2019 Classification of the top wines traded on the exchange and we see in sharp focus the ‘Burgundy effect’ on the market over the last two years. In 2009 Liv-ex first published its ranking of the most valuable fine wines traded on the exchange, adopting a similar approach to the […]

The Top 5 Most Expensive Wines in The World

Which wines are the most expensive in the world and does being ‘the most expensive’ make them a good investment wine? As with all investments it all depends at what price you buy, that there is sufficient demand to support an active secondary market and sustained growth in value and that you exit ideally at […]

Top luxury assets Art and Fine Wine combine to create premium value

Combining the appeal of the finest wines in the world with the some of the greatest contemporary art has not been lost on wine-makers looking to add extra appeal and value. Probably the master at this, and certainly the innovator and trend setter, was Baron Philippe de Rothschild who first commissioned a label for his […]

Liv-ex reports fine wine market uptick June 2019

Liv-ex has reported that its major benchmarks rose in June 2019, rallying against the drift in performance in recent months. The Liv-ex 1000, which provides the broadest measure of the fine wine market, was up 0.69% on the previous month and the Liv-ex 100 recorded a 0.39% growth during June 2019. The table below sets […]