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Fine Wine Brand Performance in 2017

Liv-ex has recently issued details on the price performance of fine wine brands year to date based on the trade of the component wines of the Bordeaux 500 index which measures the chateaux’s last ten physical vintages (2005 to 2014 inclusive) with the following results: TOP 10 BEST PERFORMING BORDEAUX WINES 2017 YTD: Gruaud Larose […]

Hints of things to come: 2017

Mid-August and we hear that Super Tuscan, Ornellaia, has commenced harvest of its 2017 crop. Granted, it is their Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier grapes, but the recent European heat wave has moved things along. Ornellaia’s Director and wine-maker, Axel Heinz, reports on 2017, stating that they are currently enjoying “optimal day-night temperature differentials, and we […]

Mid-August Fine Wine Market Update

Although many investors are away on holiday, it still seems pertinent to report on market movements in the summer lull. The good news is that, despite relatively low trading, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 continues to head north. Although it nudged upwards by a mere 0.1% in what was a quiet July, the graph has […]

Liv-ex recreates a ‘modern day 1855 classification’

Investors ought to know about a new ‘recreation’ by Liv-ex of the 1855 classification in Bordeaux. That was, of course, restricted to Medoc wines only but Lix-ex have enterprisingly added leading wines from other parts of Bordeaux and France, as well as five other countries. How have they done it? By price – just as […]