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Keep calm and bolster your portfolio with fine wine

Twelve months on from the UK Referendum vote and we are back at the centre of another political maelstrom. The Brexit affect has of course been sat firmly on the dashboard since June 2016, whether driving a political agenda, a business plan or a household budget. But who would have thought even a month ago […]

Montrose and the 2016 en primeurs so far

There has been speculation about the recent frosts in Bordeaux and their likely impact on En Primeur 2016, a delayed campaign, perhaps with a smaller volume of stocks being released at higher prices. Our prediction has come to pass, the release yesterday of Montrose 2016 is the perfect example of the strangeness of the 2016 […]

Breaking Wine Investment News!

The Wine Investment Association (WIA) is cooperating with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to provide better protection for wine investors and increase consumer confidence in the industry.

Gold rush for ‘safe haven’ – fine wine offers comparative option for investors

Gold’s month on month performance has dropped off for the first time this year following first quarter sustained demand, most likely as a response to the falling US dollar, concerns over rising inflation and an increasingly tense geopolitical scene. Gold’s spot price today stands at $1,288, up 8.5% year to date in Sterling. ETF Securities […]