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Burgundy prices are dangerous!

A Burgundy-based wine maker has commented in the trade press this week on the prices the region’s wines are currently achieving. Yannick Champ, of Nuit-St-Georges based Domaine Prieure-Roch, believes that the Burgundy values are “dangerous” and could lead to a crash similar to that experienced by Bordeaux post 2011. Of course there is considerably more […]

Treasure Hunting can pay rich Rewards

Treasure seeking is a reality! In fact there are a group of highly prized assets whose rarity and value has provided such spectacular growth for their owners that they are actually referred to as “Treasure Assets”. These include fine art, classic cars, vintage watches, antiques, rare stamps and fine wine. There is nothing whimsical about […]

Can Sterling remain the dominant currency in the fine wine trade post Brexit?

In the 12 months to the 30th of June 2016 Bordeaux exported approximately €1.7billion of the region’s wines. This figure was slightly reduced from the previous year’s €1.8billion and the market distribution changed as can be seen in the table below: Bordeaux wine exports:   HK China USA UK 2014 – 2015 €251million €236million €196million […]

Square Mile interview Vin-X founder for top ten wine investments now

Square Mile Magazine, has featured an article on fine wine investment with Peter Shakeshaft which includes a list of ten Bordeaux wines which our analysts believe offer strong potential for growth for anyone considering starting, or strengthening, a fine wine portfolio now. With the market enjoying extraordinary growth of more than 20 per cent in […]

Christie’s final wine auction of year sees continued trend of estimate-busting sales results

The final sale of fine wine for the year by Christie’s in London maintained the trend begun this Autumn of prices comfortably exceeding their estimates. A whopping £1.174 million was raised by the auction house on December 8th, with nearly all of the 250 or so lots surpassing their lower estimate and a convincing majority […]