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Krug 2002

A few days ago Vin-X were lucky enough to be invited to taste the latest release from Krug; the 2002, alongside the Chef De Cave and Olivier Krug, the 6th generation of the family to watch over their wine. Oddly the 2002 is coming to market AFTER the 2003, this is not entirely unprecedented but […]

Sotheby’s Auction of the Century dazzles Wine World!

The so-called 'auction of the century' at Sotheby’s last week, when a dazzling array of French wines from practically all the great vintages and estates were sold, raised a whopping £2.4m for the single owner. That represented 87.9% sold by lot, and 96% by value. Petrus proved the most expensive, with six magnums of the […]

Investor focus on fine wine Sotheby’s ‘super-auction’ with the best Bordeaux vintages since WWII

A busy auction period either side of the Atlantic culminates next week at Sotheby’s in what the New Bond Street auctioneers are unsurprisingly hailing ‘one of the finest wine cellars to be offered in London in over a decade.’ It is truly a mouth-watering selection of Bordeaux, Burgundies and Rhones from the greatest vintages going […]

FT: Classic cars and fine wine beat even Warren Buffet’s investments!

An article by the FT’s Wealth correspondent, Hugo Greenhalgh, this week puts the spotlight on asset classes categorized by HMRC as ‘wasting’. Not only do they provide the appeal of Capital Gains Tax exemption, granted by HMRC’s classification, but they also provide outstanding returns. Greenhalgh’s article boldly states that “Classic cars and fine wine leave […]

“Vive la Diversité and the Right to Choose!”

When I open a bottle of wine, it is usually to share with friends, family, customers or business partners (some of whom are also friends!). Ultimately, when I open a bottle of wine, I like to share the moment. Fine wine is all about a pleasurable experience with people important to you; whether it is […]

Wine auctions in London, Chicago and Hong Kong to provide market indicators for trade and returns for Alex Ferguson

Investors will be taking a strong interest in some major auctions taking place around the world in the next couple of weeks. If Hart Davis Hart’s, in Chicago from Dec 10-12, is the biggest, that of Sotheby’s in London on Wednesday, 2nd December, will feature the oldest vintages, including a bottle of Lafite 1903. That […]

DRINKS BUSINESS features Vin-X Report comparing fine wine v. equities, property & gold

Vin-X published a report this week providing an overview of the long-term performance of fine wine as an investment in comparison to equities quoted on key financial markets and alternative assets; Property and Gold since records began in 1988. Trade publisher has picked this up and published some of the key points in an […]