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Neal Martin – rightful heir to the crown or the new pretender?

It would appear that the baton has now well and truly been passed from the wine world’s most globally influential critic, Robert Parker, to his ‘heir of choice’, Brit, Neal Martin. 68-year old Parker is slowly relinquishing his influence over the wine market and has this week announced that Neal Martin will now be responsible […]

Bordeaux continues to rally as the king bows out

Against a background of rallying markets and a nascent En Primeur campaign the biggest news in Bordeaux at the moment isn’t in fact in Bordeaux at all, but from Baltimore, Maryland, home of TV’s “The Wire”, Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens and the wine world’s own Robert Parker Jr Yesterday Robert Parker Jr. and the […]

Geoffrey Dean gets Bernard Magrez’s view on pricing for 2015

To invest in the 2015 Bordeaux vintage? Or not to invest? That is, of course, the question. Before long, the first tranche of primeur prices will be released, and while potential buyers cast an interested eye over the key critics’ marks from last week’s tastings, where the bottom line will be set is far from […]

2015 Right Bank Stars

2015 is definitely a Merlot vintage, and it has helped many estates in St Emilion and Pomerol to show their best, but it also evidences the disparate qualities of the region’s wines this year. At our recent dinner in the UK with Cheval Blanc’s Technical Director, Pierre-Olivier Clouet, he had intimated that 2015 was not […]

Margaux: the Left Bank 2015 vanguard

The UGC tastings organised by Bordeaux are all about showcasing the new vintage, whipping up the excitement of the world’s wine merchants as they tour Bordeaux’s wineries. This year sees the Chinese back in numbers! – But the Bordelais have learnt, they will of course treat the Far Eastern buyers with respect, but they will […]

Christie’s Burgundy Bonanza launches London Wine Season

While investors wait for the 2015 primeur tastings next month and to see what prices the Bordelais will spring on us, don’t forget Burgundy. The Bordeaux PR machine would love us to, but if the auction at Christie’s last week is anything to go by, we do so at our peril. “Spectacular prices” for rare […]

Budget headlines for wine investors ahead of the Finance Bill this week

The March 2016 budget, which sets the UK tax landscape for the fiscal year 2016/17, was delivered by George Osborne in his familiar "big picture" style and was predictably short on fine detail. His understated presence was somewhat overshadowed by the vision that was Theresa May but his ability to deliver a robust speech was […]

How much will currency put a dent into the 2015 campaign?

Expectations are high for the 2015 Bordeaux vintage with even mainstream press tipping it as “maybe one of the greatest ever”! The market is more than ready to get its teeth stuck into a quality vintage but whether that will happen next month during the en primeurs campaign or at a later date is yet […]