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Bordeaux road trip reveals first whispers of 2018 excellence

You are hard-pushed to find a better way to fill time than visiting the great Chateaux of Bordeaux on a day warm with early Spring sunshine. The vines in February feel embryonic, slimly aligned to the training wires, pre-leaf and bud, dormant and expectant. Just like the great houses themselves, sat amidst the hectares and […]

Will the 10-year tastings of Parker’s highest ever scored Bordeaux vintage impact prices?

Lauded by the world’s most influential wine critic as “Unquestionably the greatest Bordeaux vintage I have ever tasted” the 2009 wines are now being tasted at ten years old. Parker rated the quality of the Bordeaux wines in 2009 as fantastic across the region and that it was the finest vintage since 1982, surpassing the […]

Wall Street Journal reports fine wine one of the best investments in 2018

The Wall Street Journal published an article on the 31st December stating that investors in luxury assets such as fine wine had been the market winners in 2018, seeing these investments outperform stocks and bonds. Liv-ex Director, Anthony Maxwell, commented to the author, Avantika Chilkoti, that there is an increasing demand for tangible assets as people look […]

Hints of a Chinese manufacturing recession and Brexit has investors looking for ‘Safe Havens’

Whilst trying not to sound like a broken record, the facts are that market conditions continue to be extremely challenging for investors. Hints of a Chinese manufacturing recession and Brexit has investors looking for ‘Safe Havens’ and 2018 ended up being the worst year for global stock markets since the financial crisis a decade ago. […]


Liv-ex’s end of year analysis reviews the performance of the exchange’s key bench-marks against international financial markets since 2003 and comes out on top. The key Liv-ex 100 and Liv-ex 1000 benchmarks have risen by 213.9% and 258.2% respectively compared to US equities weighing in at 143.9% over the same period, UK stocks a considerably […]

Fine wine – a safe haven in uncertain times.

We live in unpredictable times for sure and the markets are responding with blue-chip equities taking the punches. Currency markets are also feeling the stress with Sterling bumping around in a nerve-jangling way! Of course, for the lucky few, there is money to be made in volatility but there are also losses and a stable […]

Fine wine continues to outperform European and Asian equities

The financial markets have been a little calmer in November, compared to a very volatile October which saw an 8 per cent dive in the value of global equities, a loss of US$4.5 trillion off the MSCI World Index. November may have seemed calmer but there was still volatility in some sectors with the backdrop […]