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Matthew Hoggard’s Fine Wine Investment Club

2005 England Cricket legend, Matthew Hoggard, published the opening of his Wine Investment Club, in the Daily Telegraph today, on day two of this summer’s final Ashes Test. Matthew’s interest and passion for wine is well-known amongst friends and it has been a natural fit with Vin-X to help Matthew create the opportunity for 100 […]

Bloomberg tips Lafite and Bordeaux Investments now

Bloomberg, one of the world’s foremost media commentators and news providers for investors, has flagged the investment opportunity the fine wine world’s biggest brand now presents and asks “Should you scoop up a case—or three—now?” In an article this week, Bloomberg puts the magnifying glass over what has happened to the fine wine market’s trail-blazer, […]

FT features Bordeaux wines’ blue-chip status and points to up to 15% growth

The Financial Times recently featured an article on Bordeaux’s preeminence in the fine wine investment sector despite the rise in market share of a few key wines from other regions. David Elswood, international head of wine at Christie’s auction house states: “Although Bordeaux is going through a period of changing prices, it remains the number […]

US Investment Analyst forecasts growth of 14 – 18% in fine wine sector

Trade magazine Harpers published an article today featuring research by US Investment analyst, Aranca on the fine wine market. Aranca’s report recognizes economic recovery in key markets and ‘positive investor sentiment’ returning prices to growth trend after four years in the doldrums. The research points to Liv-ex data providing consistent growth in the key Liv-ex […]

Lure of Safe Haven Investments grows with Euro Uncertainty, Chinese market malaise and an expected US interest rate rise

With monetary uncertainty in the key European and US markets and troubled Chinese equities having safe haven investments in your portfolio is key. The appeal of assets with inherent physical value are unquestionable – particularly more so when through a transparent acquisition rather than a future or financial vehicle. Interestingly a recent article published by […]

Is a Wine vs. FTSE comparison still favourable for Wine?

Historically wine has been a lucrative and rewarding investment to hold, this is a non-controversial statement. That the FTSE and other major equities indices have had a great recent run thanks to quantitative easing and loose monetary policy is equally indisputable. However, the period since 2010 to date has seen negative to minimal growth in […]