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2014 Bordeaux Day 2, show me the money!

140 km – 5 appellations – 5 châteaux – 70 wines – 1 superb lunch overlooking horses working the vineyard – 162 g of sugar per litre – 1 party of the season at the Opera, but what about THE numbers. We left Bordeaux early this morning to start with the St Julien Grands Crus […]

First impressions of 2014 Bordeaux make major impact

The Vin-X tasting team caught the red eye bright and early this morning heading for Bordeaux and the 2014 En primeur tastings. We were met at the airport by Renaud Ruer, who runs our new office in Bordeaux, and who is to guide us through the rigours and intricacies of three hard days of tasting […]

US buyers poised to return to 2014 Bordeaux En Primeur

According to merchants on both sides of the pond although there is a greater interest in this year's 2014 Bordeaux en primeur tastings many US buyers continue to be guarded about price. Having stepped back from the last 3 campaigns it looks like this trend could be reversed according to the sales director of a […]

Burgundy v Bordeaux, the great debate

On Monday night two of the most respected pillars of the UK wine industry faced off against each other at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster to debate the relative merits of the wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux. The beautiful, oak-panelled auditorium sold out to a 1,000 strong audience eager to hear the opinions of our […]

Is 2014 Bordeaux a watershed year for en primeur ?

There is greater pressure than usual on the Bordeaux chateaux this year in what could be a pivotal moment for the en primeur system when the 2014 vintage is tasted. The past 3 campaigns have been less than successful and with a sizeable secondary market for back vintages the chateaux need to get their pricing […]

Latour release vintage at market-pleasing price

Bordeaux specialist wine merchants were very pleased recently that Chateau Latour has finally taken notice of their pleas to start releasing their back vintages at sensible prices so that they will actually be attractive to consumers and sell. The trade is hoping that this is a portent for the future with the 2014 En Primeur […]

Between a rock and a hard place, Bordeaux & 2014 En Primeur

En Primeur is upon us; as soon as the days begin to lengthen and warm, the wine trade starts looking forward to (or complaining about) En Primeur.  Depending on who you ask its either a ‘bacchanallian feast for the senses’, and a tantalising glimpse of the most recent harvest, OR an onerous week of listening […]

Parker advises long-term approach to fine wine investment

During his recent stay in London Robert Parker, still the world’s pre-eminent wine critic, was interviewed by Victoria Moore of the Daily Telegraph. In a wide-ranging interview he looked back on his career, gave a small glimpse in to his private life and speculated on the future of the fine wine market. With regard to […]