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Top critic energised by excellence of 2005 Bordeaux vintage

Jancis Robinson, MW, probably the UK's most famous wine critic, has confirmed our recent comments on the vintage, namely that the 2005 Bordeaux vintage is finally living up to its initial promise after nearly a decade. She attended the same tasting described in our blog of the 2nd February but obviously has the added benefit […]

Decanter panel confirms quality ‘truly great’ 2005 vintage

An expert panel has confirmed the quality of the 2005 vintage in Bordeaux’s Médoc region, concluding that it is ‘a truly great vintage’. In a special report in July’s issue of Decanter magazine, three of the UK’s best-known Bordeaux experts blind-tasted a range of wines from chateaux located on the Left Bank (all of which […]

Trade tasting points to excellence of 2005 Bordeaux vintage

A colleague and myself were highly privileged to be invited to an exclusive trade tasting last week. This was no ordinary event because not only did we share the tasting room with some of this country's most eminent wine critics and national journalists but we were in the presence of some of the most sought […]

Wimbledon icon is a wine investment winner

As the Australian Open commences in Melbourne Britain’s most recent female Wimbledon Winner, Virginia Wade, was interviewed by the Telegraph for their Fame and Fortune column which discussed her investments. When queried on her ‘Best Buy’ she revealed that her acquisition of Cheval Blanc had returned ten times her investment in the six years she […]

Liv-ex Power 100: value brands of 2014

Last month Liv-ex released their 2014 Power 100, a list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine market (see our blog of the 21st November). This article can be read in this month's edition of the Drinks Business starting on page 28 if you click the following link This month Liv-ex have […]

Liquid gold tops the alternative investment podium in 2014

The recent turmoil on the world's stock exchanges and the plunging oil price due to disagreement within OPEC and declining global demand has thrown up an interesting juncture in the investment world. Despite its less than stellar recent performance the steady returns of the fine wine market are in stark contrast to the more volatile […]

Bordeaux considers life after Parker

In our final visit to Bordeaux in 2014 we caught up with our representative in the world’s wine capital to get the ‘Bordeaux view’ on the market as we approach the end of the year. He advised that one of the key emerging points of debate for the region is what will happen post Robert […]

Bordeaux price speculation is normal

When he was Chancellor Gordon Brown famously predicted an end to boom and bust and we know how that ended. Curiously James Miles, MD of Liv-ex stated recently in a speech at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair that he believed that the natural cycle of the fine wine market is here to […]

Michel Chapoutier elected president of the Rhone Valley

According to the wine critic, Oz Clarke, Michel Chapoutier is one of the greatest winemakers in France. What is also now beyond doubt is that he is probably the most important man in the Rhone Valley as last week he was elected president of the eponymous Appellation Controlee. Chapoutier is a pioneer and has worked […]

So which liquid should you invest in ?

Following the fine wine market’s less than stellar recent performance according to the Herald focus has shifted in some quarters to rare, single malt, whisky as a possible liquid investment. The reported returns may on the surface seem to outstrip fine wine but the pitfalls are numerous. Whilst similar in form fine wine has a […]