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LSE listing for Burgundy Winery

The success of Burgundy wines with trail-blazers such as Domaine de la Romanée-Conti has caught the interest of private equity players. Olma, is one such example, with a majority stake of Domaine Chanzy, who is planning an IPO (Initial Public Offer of shares in the company) to raise £5million in conjunction with a listing on […]

Wine’s Grand Dame, Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, dies

Baroness Philippine de Rothschild has died aged 80. She halted an acting career to take the reins of the famous wine dynasty in 1988 at the death of her father Baron Philippe de Rothschild. Known by many as “The Baroness”, she made a lasting impression on a male-dominated wine industry and continued to develop the […]

Penfold’s Grange parent company loses AUD$100 million

Treasury Wine Estates, the owner of Penfold’s Grange, Australia’s most iconic fine wine, has just announced large losses of just over AUD$100 million combined with profits falling by 33%. Despite both net sales and revenue falling new chief executive, Michael Clarke, is optimistic that he can turn the company around through increased marketing and continued […]

Why drinking windows are so important for investment grade wine

The time-honoured definition of a fine wine is one that improves with age as it evolves in bottle inside a cellar or bonded warehouse. A recent article by a Master of Wine who specializes in Bordeaux pinpointed the need for wine drinkers to be more closely aware of their vintages with particular reference as to […]

2014 Bordeaux crop set to increase by 50%

After 3 years of relative famine in Bordeaux fingers and toes are crossed that 2014 will be a return to a “normal” sized crop. The hopes are that a decent sized vintage will allow chateaux to produce approximately 50% more wine than they did in 2013 which was a very small vintage in terms of […]

Why storing investment grade wine in a bonded warehouse is so important

A salutary article this week emphasises how important it is that investment grade wine is always stored in a government bonded warehouse. Not only does wine stored in bond have perfect provenance because the wine can be tracked from the chateaux to the ultimate consumer but more importantly it ensures that it is stored at […]

Investment in top Bordeaux outperforms gold

A recent study underlines what we have always believed at Vin-X. Namely that if you invest in the wines from the top chateaux in Bordeaux in the long run your investment performance will outstrip that of most other investable assets. Wines to invest in include the First Growths naturally, the Super Seconds and the top […]

Vin-X 2014 Bordeaux harvest tour, Day 2, Chateau Angelus

The forecast for our second day on the 2014 Bordeaux harvest was heavy showers and exquisite wine and the day commenced with sunshine in the vines at Chateau Angelus. Home of the de Bouard family since 1782, Angelus has been considered one of the top Right Bank estates since 1989 and in 2012 was awarded […]

Interest Rates: A Rising Opportunity

In the financial pages of your selected periodical there has no doubt been much talk of late about interest rates: Do they need to rise? When will they rise, how much should they rise? Though the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has equivocated on the issue, the signs are that such a […]

What the Liv-ex blog really tells us

Whilst the latest Liv-ex blog is always eagerly awaited at Vin-X and in the wider wine trade sometimes it does not dig deep enough in its analysis ands remains frustratingly neutral. We have dug a little deeper and believe there are some interesting trends that need interpreting further. Bordeaux's share of the market is down […]