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Who consumes the most red wine?

Latest data on red wine consumption shows the traditional wine-drinking countries France and Italy no longer lead the world. So who is the world's biggest consumer of red wine? China is now the world's biggest consumer of red wine, beating even France and Italy, according to a study by International Wine & Spirit Research commissioned by Vinexpo. This […]

The Greatest Wine Ever Made

Vin-X turns the spotlight on Cheval Blanc 1947, and its potential spiritual successor, the 2010 It’s not often that something is universally decided on as “the best.” There exists no consensus on the best piece of art, the best book, the best film or the best piece of music. There will always be disagreement and […]

Wine: An alternative investment that you can experience first hand

Alternative investments in areas such as coins, art, and wine have received alot of attention recently due to their performance and prestige. These investments are considered to be "Passion Investments". The experienced investor knows there is room for both traditional investing with asset classes such as equities and bonds and also alternative investments that may help preserve capital […]

New Liv-ex index launched in response to the changing shape of the fine wine market.

To reflect the increasing diversity and current trends in the fine wine market, Liv-ex has launched the Fine Wine 1000 index.  This new fine wine index is believed to be the broadest measure available for the performance of fine wine, monitoring Champagne, the Rhône, Italy and the New World in addition to Bordeaux and Burgundy. Read the full story – […]

Wine and MINT: A winning combination

Vin-X examines the potential of the emerging MINT economies’ impact on the wine industry. I know what you’re thinking. “Wine and mint, together? Madness! Who would ruin their long-awaited glass of wine with dinner by putting mint in it?” Certainly, such a suggestion would rightly get you laughed out of your local wine club. However, […]

A look at the pre-history of modern wine culture & production

From the lowest fresher student purchasing Lambrini at 2 for 1 prices, to the highest bon viveur enjoying classic Cheval Blanc ’47, wine is a great leveller; ubiquitous at all levels of our society, present at occasions as hallowed as Holy Communion and as debauched as a Friday night pub crawl. Arguably more than any […]

Has technology enhanced the fine wine market?

We have all read about drones over Afghanistan being remotely operated from the UK but now it seems that a chateaux owner in Bordeaux with deep pockets has invested 50,000 Euros in a newly-developed vineyard drone for his numerous estates. Equipped with cameras and other sensors these unmanned mini-helicopters can measure plant damage, disease and […]

Diversify and avoid coffin corner!

On the surface the UK economy looks rosy, unemployment is down, growth is fastest amongst the G7 nations, the housing market is booming and even the weather has been dry. However the stock market may be approaching an interesting juncture known as “coffin corner” where the slightest miscalculation could lead to a crash. Those in […]

2013 En Primeur – Did Bordeaux get the pricing right?

The month’s end sees the Bordeaux 2013 en primeur season draw to a close and what opinion is to be drawn? Certainly many wholesale acquirers of fine wine may feel that much of the Bordelaise community is still not in tune with the market when it comes to pricing strategy. 2013 is the third vintage […]

Has the fine wine market really changed in 2013?

Traditionally the fine wine investment market has moved very slowly around only 5 wines, the First Growths, which have dominated the market almost since the dawn of  time or as long as wine has been shipped from Bordeaux. However in the last few years and particularly in the last 12 months it seems that the […]