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Chateau bucks Bordeaux trend

Any market goes through bumpy periods and the fine wine market is no exception. However amidst the turbulence there are always hidden gems lurking that are often overlooked. Currently the most significant opportunities to buy for future value are the Bordeaux First Growths which out-performed the market until mid-2011. Prices for these blue-chip wines now […]

Fine Wine Investment Tips

In a week when a lot of people’s thoughts are geared towards the betting medium of the World Cup, Royal Ascot and Wimbledon how do we at Vin-X pick our winning investment wines and what are we tipping at the moment ? We are proud that in the last 3 years our client’s portfolios have […]

Liquid Investment

A recent article suggested that investment in single malt was similar to fine wine. The only similarity is that both are indeed alcoholic beverages otherwise that is where their investment characteristics diverge. Whisky suffers from poor liquidity (no pun intended) as it has no exchange like Liv-ex and is usually sold only at auction. The […]

Racing blog – Why champagne is a racing certainty

Royal Ascot is one of the sporting highlights of the English summer and I’ve been astute enough in the past to actually win a substantial four figure sum at the meeting. But that is very much the exception and I blew some of it on a well-known premium pink champagne. It is a little-known fact […]

Champagne sparkles for Vin-X investors

In 2013 we advised our clients to diversify their portfolios by investing in selected vintage Champagne, in particular 2002 Dom Perignon rose and 2006 Cristal. It seems our selective stock picking has borne fruit as evidenced by a recent article. This confirmed the buoyancy of the Champagne market which has expanded its share of the […]

Champagne adds sparkle to investment portfolio

“Never put all your eggs in one basket” should be the canny mantra of any investor and the same is true of the fine wine market. Traditionally Bordeaux has always dominated any fine wine portfolio but in the 21st century there are now a handful of other wine-producing regions which may also claim to be […]

The Fine Wine World Cup

Now that all the bookies and pundits have had their say on the likely winners of the World Cup we thought it might be fun to ruminate on the winners of a global fine wine competition. France would be the undoubted favourites with a strike force like Burgundy, an effervescent Champagne midfield, the Bordeaux backbone […]

Breakfast at Krug

It sounds like a film that should star Audrey Hepburn but in fact refers to the end of vintage lunch at Krug's legendary Clos de Mesnil vineyard attended recently by one of Decanter's best writers. In a recent article she paints a wonderful picture of the attention to detail that Krug bring to the process […]

Barbarians at the Grape: New KKR bid for Treasury Wines

One of the world’s major wine producers is back on the market. Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), which owns important wine brands including Penfolds and Wolf Blass, has agreed to open its books to private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) which has placed a $3.4bn Australian dollar takeover bid (£1.88bn) on the company. […]