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Time to sell? DRC hitting record highs

Domaine de la Romanée Conti (DRC) continues to see exceptional price rises, with a world record $476,000 paid for a 1978 Romanée Conti at Christie’s in Hong Kong over the weekend. Indeed, the auction highlighted the current popularity and price premium of Burgundy and DRC specifically, with six of the ten most expensive lots being […]

A Dog Chasing its Tail

Vin-X examines the circular nature of wine investment industry news Sharks can detect one drop of blood in a million drops of water, and smell blood from 400m away. When one shark smells blood, others begin to gather, and often within minutes there is a ‘feeding frenzy,’ attracting sharks for miles around to fight and […]

Why don’t the majority of Brits prefer fine wine?

According to a recent survey by the London Wine Academy 80% of people in a blind tasting preferred the bottle that cost £5.99 as opposed to the bottle that cost £19.99. The grape variety was Chardonnay but one was from Australia whilst the other was a well-known Premier Cru from Burgundy. Yet it seems that […]

Counterfeit Wine: What you need to know

Vin-X examines the importance of provenance when buying Investment-Grade wine Wine is a great investment, and gives access to a host of unique benefits that other financial products simply cannot match. However, as ever when there is money to be made, there are plenty of unsavoury characters sniffing around the market, and potential investors need […]

Movers and Shakers

As Liv-Ex releases its Power 100 Index for 2013, Bordeaux shows up other regions despite PR hype. Liv-Ex has just released the 2013 Power 100, a yearly list of the most powerful brands in the market. What’s interesting about 2013 is that for the first time since the list has been compiled, the top spot […]

Essential Tips for Wine Investors

Everybody should have a case of fine wine in their investment portfolio! With financial products such as ISA’s, shares and bonds delivering modest returns at best, the proactive investor has to look beyond equities to enhance portfolio performance. In fact, my personal experience of investing in fine wine led me to found Vin-X for exactly […]

Sotheby’s Fine Wine Auction

On 23rdOctober Sotheby’s New Bond Street held a fine wine auction including two collections of fabulous gems such as a range of Petrus, Latour à Pomerol and other assorted Bordeaux & Burgundy.  The sale featured a rare library of wines held by Madame Lacoste-Loubat the previous owner of Château Petrus & Château Latour à Pomerol […]

Better than perfect – 100 point wine score

A 100pt wine is considered a perfect score. But it’s not the bestscore… When new investors take their first tentative steps into fine wine investment, one of the first things they ask is often something along the lines of “with so many producers, vintages and variables, how do I know which wine to choose? Isn’t […]

How good is the 2011 Bordeaux wine vintage?

I was fortunate enough on Wednesday to attend the annual 2013 Union des Grands Cru de Bordeaux wine tasting in the magnificent setting of the Paul Hamlyn Hall at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. I first attended this event in my formative days as a fine wine investment broker when it was compulsory for […]

2013 Bordeaux harvest and wine investment

It could be said that the fortunes of the fine wine market are inextricably linked to the quality of each Bordeaux vintage. This was the simplistic view in years past but I believe no longer strictly remains  true. What does remain true is that judging by various reports before and after the harvest, 2013 Bordeaux […]