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Where is the real value in investment markets today?

The equity rally over the last 18 months has tempted many investors but should the canny be looking to invest profits gained into assets currently undervalued to position for the next market cycle? Moneyweek (the UK’s best-selling financial magazine) suggests we prepare our portfolios for the next market crash and we ask the question is […]

Water into Wine

A new product has been invented which claims to be able to transform water into wine, and not just any wine – the device, called the Miracle Machine, even claims to imitate closely some of the world’s most sought after fine reds. The device turns water, grape concentrate and yeast into wine via a phone […]

Wine Investment: The Port in a Storm

Vin-X examines wine investment’s potential role as a safe haven in times of trouble One of wine’s most appealing attributes is its status as a sort of international currency, much in the same way gold is regarded: As a tangible asset with inherent value, it is far less susceptible to market fluctuations and drops, especially […]

Could reported UK economic recovery lead to fine wine price rises?

According to the ICAEW, business confidence has increased for the sixth quarter in a row, with the latest survey showing record levels of bullish confidence amongst UK business leaders. Investment levels were reported as growing at the fastest rate since 2008, and the banking and construction industries led the pack, having taking huge strides since […]

Biodynamic Winemaker’s methods land him in court

Emmanuel Giboulot of Beaune in Burgundy faces a fine after refusing to spray his vines with insecticide. Authorities accuse him of potentially allowing the spread of the disease falvesence doree, which could potentially carry a similar threat level to phylloxera, but Giboulot insists that the sprays will kill bees and damage the local environment. Click […]

Back to Basics: Value for Investors in Bordeaux

Vin-X shines a light on the value to be found in traditionally-strong Bordeaux Wine investment originated in Bordeaux, and until recently completely monopolised the industry. You know you’re talking about a dominant marketplace when an 80% market share represents a significant reduction in that share from previous years, and Bordeaux has always been dominant in […]

Terminator director James Cameron moves into wine production

“I need your boots, your jacket, and your vineyard” The Hollywood stalwart purchased Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery for an undisclosed sum, making him the latest Hollywood major player to become involved in the wine trade. This puts him in such exalted company as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who own Chateau Miraval Cotes de […]