Chateau bucks Bordeaux trend

Liv-ex 50 v 1000 graph

Any market goes through bumpy periods and the fine wine market is no exception. However amidst the turbulence there are always hidden gems lurking that are often overlooked. Currently the most significant opportunities to buy for future value are the Bordeaux First Growths which out-performed the market until mid-2011. Prices for these blue-chip wines now look great value again (see chart above) when measured against the broader Liv-ex 1000. When all is said and done they are still 25% ahead of their index. But beyond the high profile super-brands you may have to look a bit harder, and one such example is Chateau Clos Fourtet whose performance has bucked the Bordeaux trend, significantly out-performing the market in the last three years, see the latest Liv-ex blog.