Cult Californian cabernets dominate New York auction

A recent auction at Wally’s in New York highlighted the new attention being paid to California’s highly prized clutch of superstar Cabernet Sauvignons. The sale consisted of the cream of the global fine wine trade with top wines from Champagne, Burgundy, Italy, Bordeaux, Spain, Australia, Germany and even Hungary. Some rare spirits, bourbon and vintage malt whisky were also in demand. But it was the cult Californians that dominated the show with both Screaming Eagle and Harlan estate achieving huge premiums on their high estimates and breaking many records. Other Californian estates also sold for way more than their high estimates.

Wally’s senior auctioneer commented that Bill Harlan’s prescient observation about “California First Growths” had now been confirmed. The CEO of Wally’s had said beforehand that the sale could be a “bellwether” for Californian cult wines and the interest expressed at this auction would seem to bear that out. This would seem to offer further proof that the fine wine market is broadening and expanding. Vin-X will continue to monitor Screaming Eagle for suitable investment opportunities. For more information please click on the article below.