Fine wine as an investment features in an article entitled ‘More liquid than you thought’ in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 2nd November, 2019, wherein it compares fine wine performance with the FTSE 100.

The data under review by the Telegraph was provided by Wine Owners,  a fine wine trading exchange, who advised that “Tracking the prices of the 150 best wines since 2007, we found they rose by 11 per cent a year, far outstripping more conventional investments.”

Over the five year period measured, they reported Bordeaux Second Growth, Chateau Pichon Baron 2007 was the star performer with 64 per cent growth, Dom Perignon 2000 saw 55 per cent uplift and Burgundy’s Comte Vogue Musigny Vv 2005 gained 47 per cent, compared to the FTSE 100’s 40 per cent growth over the same period.

The article also states that ‘wine investors  do not pay capital gains tax ‘ – which is generally the case but advice should always be sought from professional tax advisors. For more information our Special Report on the Tax Treatment of Fine Wine prepared by an independent tax specialist.

For more information on the fine wine market, which wines are considered investment-grade, how to create a rewarding fine wine collection, the tax treatment and the benefits of investing in fine wine please see our comprehensive Guide to Investing in Fine Wine. You can speak to a member of our team now on 0203 384 2262.