Dom Perignon’s Second Coming

Peter Shakeshaft - Vin-X blogToday the Vin-X team visited the offices of LVMH in Victoria, London (just around the corner from our exciting new London office) to taste the recently released and much anticipated 1998 Dom Perignon P2 launched onto the market on the 1st July. This new project from Dom Perignon signals the end of the Oenotheque releases so beloved of investors to be replaced by the same wine but which refers to the different developmental stages or plenitudes. The key difference is the P2 has aged for a minimum of 12 years on its lees (spent yeast) and this is reflected in the quality and complexity of the wine.

MonkWhen I first heard about this name change I was curious as to why you would change the name of your most prestigious wine but apparently the Chef du Cave, Richard Geoffroy and his predecessors discovered that during the dynamic ageing on its lees in the chalk caves under Epernay the wine undergoes a series of quantum leaps in quality before reaching a plateau of excellence. The first stage (plenitude) occurs after about 7 – 9 years and this is the Dom Perignon that we all know and love which will in future be referred to as a P1. Not all vintages will age to reach P3 (more than 20 years on the lees). Today we tasted the P2 or second plenitude which occurs after a minimum of 12 years.

The tasting was a revelation. We compared it with the 2004 vintage and P2 tasted fresher, more vibrant, rich and complex. This is a great development of a very special wine and one of the key points made by the LVMH team was the very rare supply of 1998 P2. An offer of this very rare collectable will be provided to clients soon but if you want more information contact your Vin-X Portfolio Manager now.