Dom Pérignon’s Plenitudes Event toasts Champagne Life Cycle with Michelin Chef, Skye Gyngell

On Friday the 8th May, we joined the Moet Hennessy UK team at their Dom Pérignon event in Central London where they showcased their 2005 P1,1998 and 1993 P2 and exquisite 1971 and 1982 P3 wines at an extraordinary dinner prepared by Michelin-starred Chef, Skye Gyngell.

As ever, brand goliaths LVMH do it in style and each of the three floors of the beautiful town house organised to host their ten day “pop-up” marketing event was a sensory representation of the three plentitudes of Dom Pérignon. Each floor of the £12M venue hosted a Plenitude tasting and the overall experience led us deeper into the history of this iconic Champagne.

For those needing a reminder, Dom Pérignon launched the Plenitude series last year, replacing the term ‘Oenotheque’ to help the consumer better understand the maturation process of the Champagne.

There are three plenitudes in the life of a given vintage, the first comes 7 to 8 years after the vintage when the wine is first released (P1). The second is between 12 to 15 years, previously known as the ‘Oenotheque’ release, now referred to as P2. Finally, the third window is after around 30 years when the Champagne has spent more than 20 years on its lees (the by-product of secondary fermentation in the bottle), now labeled P3.

Dom Pérignon’s Prestige Cuvées wine-maker, Vincent Chaperon, explains that “Champagne is not like a Bordeaux or Burgundy which reaches one peak and then begins degrading. Rather Dom Pérignon transforms itself through three different windows of maturity.” Chaperon stressed that the maturation on the lees is “the essence of the Champagne”.

Back to the evening itself and our ascent through the DP experience:

Floor 1 – P1

We started on the ground floor, and the only way was up, but what a way to start! Our evening commenced with a tasting of the 2005 P1, released in January this year but still in relatively limited supply. The vintage production was about 50 per cent of normal capacity (Dom Pérignon never provide specific numbers) and the team advised us that they expect to release a second vintage later this year to respond to demand. We felt truly privileged to taste such an exceptional and rare vintage of DP and whole-heartedly agree that the 2005 P1 is drinking wonderfully now!

Floor 2 – P2

Onwards and upwards to the second floor where we commenced the exquisite dinner accompanied by the 1998 P2 and the ultra-exclusive 1993, (a Vin-X favourite), provided directly from the Dom Pérignon cellars.

The 1998 P2 is a wine that many Vin-X clients own so we were particularly keen to taste it and get a current view on its maturation and quality. Our host explained that it has evolved tremendously in just the last six months alone further endorsing our view on the great potential of this Champagne.

Floor 3 – P3

Finally, we arrived on the third floor, where we were welcomed to the ‘Infinity Room’, designed to embody the inside of a glass of Dom Pérignon.  Absorbing the mirrored lights and bubbling ambiance, we were privileged to taste the magnificent, long-lasting 1971. A structured, full and powerful wine with an impressive, elegant finish, last scored by the Champagne specialist, Galloni, at 94 when released as Oenotheque previously in the early eighties.

MHUK and Dom Pérignon created the perfect event to reacquaint us with their flawless Champagnes. The meal was breathtaking with every course perfectly matched to the wines provided, all expertly prepared by Skye Gyngell. Once again we would like to thank the MHUK team for a truly spectacular evening.

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