Essential Tips for Wine Investors

Essential Tips for Wine InvestorsEverybody should have a case of fine wine in their investment portfolio! With financial products such as ISA’s, shares and bonds delivering modest returns at best, the proactive investor has to look beyond equities to enhance portfolio performance. In fact, my personal experience of investing in fine wine led me to found Vin-X for exactly that reason.

The appeal of an investment track record delivering average annual compound returns of more than 12 per cent p.a. has attracted many investors to fine wine. A stable, non-volatile asset whose performance does not correlate directly with the movements of financial markets, fine wine generally outperforms equity-based investments. The inherent value of fine wine offers the opportunity to hedge against recession, inflation, currency devaluation and movements in financial markets.

Whether you are a seasoned wine investor or new to the market, the following essential tips should be considered when investing in fine wine. For further information speak to a Vin-X Portfolio Manager.

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