Excitement in Bordeaux as the 2019 harvest gets underway.

The 2019 vintage harvest in Bordeaux started with the white varietals and is now well under way. Current predictions for the red are that Merlot will be ready about the 20thSeptember and the Cabernets may stretch into October. Sauternes will be the last appellation to complete with the individual vineyard passes to pick botrytised grapes extending harvest possibly as late as November.

President of the Bordeaux Wine Council, Bernard Farges commented “We’re excited and enthusiastic as we tackle this stage of harvesting…. All systems are go, technically speaking which augurs well for a promising vintage.”

Climate influences over the 2019 vintage have not been as extreme as in other years recently. A relatively mild start to the year meant that mildew, or rot, was not the issue it was in 2018. Whilst there were some frosts of note this year, and these were localised, they were not a significant influencing factor as in 2017, which impacted on production levels in some key vineyards. High summer temperatures this year did induce some water stress, but rains mid-August brought timely relief.

As harvest gets underway, the current conditions are described as “ideal” and across Bordeaux vintage yields are expected to be in line with the current 10-year average.

The Vin-X team will be in Bordeaux later this month to visit key estates and we will report in more detail then. Owners of Chateau Pavie wines are also invited to join us for a very special harvest visit at the top St Emilion estate on the 25th September, for more information contact us now on 0203 384 2262.