Expert claims Thailand has larger fine wine market than China

Highly respected wine critic James Suckling made an interesting assertion last week during his Great Wines of the World conference at the Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong. His belief is that Thailand has greater potential than China as a wine market because it has a larger fine wine drinking population. Despite the punitive tax rate the number of people drinking wine at $20 per bottle and above is treble that of China.

If correct they would number 900,000, but this obviously includes a large number of tourists which he reckons is worth getting excited about. He maintains that there are a number of affluent Thais now to boost figures but that they have been ignored in the headlong rush in to northern Asia. He also touched on South Korea as being a country with sophistication towards wine but in need of further education. Finally he remained positive about China over the medium term as there was still a hardcore of fine wine drinkers who were still helping to increase sales. As ever Asia remains an intriguing and everchanging fine wine market so watch this space. For more details click on article below.