Experts say interest in back vintages could mark beginning of Bordeaux revival

Wine bottlesAs the fine wine market readies itself for the coming recovery, voices hailing the end of the downturn are beginning to grow in volume and number. In particular, the current value to be found in wine investment is generating real buzz amongst those in the know. Chris Smith, investment manager at the Wine Investment Fund, comments: “There’s quite a lot of money sitting out there waiting to be committed to the market. There clearly is a turning point coming. The question is when.” Click here for the full article.

Elsewhere, others are highlighting the abundance of buying opportunities to be found in Bordeaux specifically: Back vintage wines which are coming into their mature period are offering excellent value for investors and consumers alike. “Bordeaux still produces more exceptional wine than anywhere else on the planet” says Giles Cooper, head of marketing and PR at Bordeaux Index, and these buying patterns could suggest that this market’s return to bull-run territory are inching closer all the time. Click here for the full article.