Fine wine keeps company with a £7M Mercedez and two £55M diamonds

Peter ShakeshaftSome of the most aspirational investments in the world are super rare and command extraordinary price tags. Sotheby’s hit the press again this week with two up and coming sales. They have featured the sale of a 90-year old Mercedez-Benz 68OS Torpedo Roadster (only three were made) to take place at their classic car auction near Lake Como, Italy in May 2017. The super care hand-crafted Roadster with lizard-skin seats has a price estimate of £7million.


Even more “off the scale” is Sotheby’s sale of two one-off tear-shaped diamonds; The Apollo Blue (14.54 carats) and Artemis Pink. 16 carats). The diamonds are being sold seperately and currently on display in Dubai, prior to being shipped to Geneva for auction. David Bennett, worldwide Chairman of Sotheby’s International Jewellery Division said: “The Apollo and Artemis are exquisite coloured diamonds that are enormously rare, and each is a wonderful stone in its own right. Together as a pair of earrings they are breathtaking.”

The Knight Frank 2017 Wealth Report recently illustrated the increasing percentage of high net worth investors using luxury investments such as classic cars, jewellery, fine art and fine wine to create capital growth, and to protect and transfer wealth. This strategy seems ever more potent with both economic and political uncertainty on the rise and in a zero-interest rate world. The 2017 report showed that Fine Wine topped the performance of the top ten asset classes featured.

Knight Frank Report