Fine wine market in recovery

Another article quoting a leading Bordeaux specialist merchant would seem to confirm recent Liv-ex data which heralded an upturn in the fine wine market over the summer. Bordeaux Index are highly respected and operate their own internal LiveTrade index which allows their customers to trade fine wine via their website. This allows them to track trends in the market place which show that sales globally are up 36% compared to 2013 and that sales to Asia are up 61%. In particular sales to the world’s largest economy, the USA, have tripled. Gary Boom, MD of Bordeaux Index, believes that although we are seeing the green shoots of recovery he still remained cautious about the immediate future having been affected by three years of falling prices. However the current low investment thresholds for top grade Bordeaux make it arguably the best time in 5 years to buy. The USA it seems are particularly keen on the iconic 2009 vintage. The old adage of buy low, sell high seems particularly apt. Now it seems is the time to buy fine wine. For more information please click on article below.