Special Report: An Introduction to Burgundy – a guide to the world’s most valuable wines

Download our ‘Introduction to Burgundy Report‘ and learn more about this understated region that produces the world’s most valuable wines. Written by wine journalist, Geoffrey Dean, the report highlights the key wines of the region and provides a list of the latest up and coming wines to hit the market.

Burgundy is the class leader in Liv-ex’s 2019 ranking of the world’s top fine wines, responsible for 57% of the first tier wines in the Classification. The region’s wines have been at the forefront of the fine wine investment market over the last two years, as clearly illustrated by the performance of Liv-ex’s Burgundy 150 benchmark. The index, which grew 46% over the period, saw the highest regional growth, surpassing Bordeaux and exceeding the comprehensive Liv-ex 1000.

This performance is based on value of trade, with the average Burgundy (red) wine being sold for £16,039, compared to Bordeaux Left Bank average of £4,851 and Right Bank £10,983. Bordeaux, due to much higher production levels, and a more established secondary market, has the highest levels when it comes to volume of trade on Liv-ex.

Average regional market prices on Liv-ex in 2019 compared to 2017


Number of Wines Av. Price 2019

(12 x 75cl)

Av. Price 2017

(12 x 75cl)

Change %
Burgundy (Red) 50 £16,089 £11,241 43%
Bordeaux Left Bank 25 £4,851 £4,745 2%
Bordeaux Right Bank 30 £10,983 £10,247 7%
Northern Rhone 40 £2,127 £1,930 10%
Champagne 35 £2,451 £2,006 22%
Italy North 20 £4,003 £3,283 22%
California 25 £9,463 £7,592 25%
Spain 10 £5,224 £5,256 -1%
Australia 10 £4,666 £4,214 11%

Source: Liv-ex, August 2019

Home of the iconic, DRC, Burgundy’s top wines may often seem out of reach, when you read about record-breaking auction sales, but this is not the case. Increasing demand has led to a broadening market, with other producers from the region now being recognised for the quality of their wines. Get your timing right and you can still enter the market at a starting investment of less than £5K with great potential for growth.

To guide you, we have just published a special report An Introduction to Burgundy, written by Wine Journalist Geoffrey Dean and is now available to download FREE.

For more information about which Burgundy wine we have currently selected as the best options for growth and our wine investment service contact the Vin-X team on 0203 384 2262 or visit our contact page and get our free Guide to Investing in Fine Wine.