Investment in top Bordeaux outperforms gold

A recent study underlines what we have always believed at Vin-X. Namely that if you invest in the wines from the top chateaux in Bordeaux in the long run your investment performance will outstrip that of most other investable assets. Wines to invest in include the First Growths naturally, the Super Seconds and the top wines of Pomerol and St Emilion on the Right Bank. The study also emphasised the need for diversification in all investment portfolios as in times of crisis those that included alternative assets such as wine or gold performed better than those without. Interestingly even though Bordeaux and gold’s investment performance was similar they both outstripped Burgundy and the Rhone. Furthermore there has always been a strong secondary market in trading top Bordeaux. Finally the study pointed out the favourable tax treatment for wine compared to France where it can be taxed at up to 35%. For more detail please click on link.