An Introduction To Burgundy

Understanding the opportunity in Burgundy’s fine wine market

Burgundy has consistently been one of the top performing wine regions in recent years, providing a significant proportion of the most highly prized and valuable wines in the world. The region is home to the iconic Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC), whose wines have achieved record-breaking prices at auction and trade in the fine wine market at 5 and 6-figure sums. As a consequence Burgundy has demanded the attention of fine wine investors and delivered some extraordinary returns to date with early indicators suggesting brilliant growth potential for the future.

Our ‘Introduction to Burgundy’ report penned by Geoffrey Dean (wine journalist, member of the Circle of Wine Writers and an Associate of the Institute of Wine & Spirits) discusses how Burgundy differs from other key wine regions, which are the most important producers of investment-grade wine and the emerging brands to watch.

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    Key facts:

    • Strong, long-term growth performance
    • Fine wine prices are not directly correlated with more volatile financial markets
    • As a stable, tangible assets fine wine is a proven portfolio diversification tool
    • Wine has historically outperformed FTSE, S&P and Gold over the long term
    • Global demand for fine wine means it can be used to hedge currency movements

    Investment Benefits:

    • Fine wine investment is generally exempt from Capital Gains Tax 
    • Investment in fine wine has historically achieved annual compound reserves around 10%.
    • Fine wine’s stable performance doesn’t mirror volatile financial markets and offers a means to diversify investment portfolios across assets and economic cycles.

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