Treasure Assets Report

How does Fine Wine compare to other Treasure Assets?

Highly collectible luxury items, often referred to as ‘treasure’ or ‘passion’ assets, are being increasingly regarded as investments that strengthen and diversify portfolio performance for a profitable future. Typically this includes classic cars, vintage watches, fine art, luxury jewellery, gold, rare stamps, antiques and of course, fine wine. According to Wealth Reports prepared annually over the last few years by property investment specialist, Knight Frank, investment in these treasure assets represent an average of ten per cent of the value of the multi-asset investment portfolios of the ultra High-Net Worth’s (HNW) canvassed, with a track record of delivering extraordinary returns over the long term. 

In this report, our Vin-X Fine Wine Experts and Analysts have undertaken a comprehensive study to compare the performance of fine wine with other alternatives or “Treasure Assets” that occupy a similar space in the minds of investors.

Increase your Fine Wine knowledge 

Collecting fine wine can be highly rewarding and provides the opportunity to strengthen an investment portfolio. It must be remembered, however, that it is a financial market like any other and guidance from a expert is highly recommended. Our team of Fine Wine Experts and Analysts have created an essential archive of specialist reports and guides to assist you in understanding the finer details of the fine wine investment world.

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Guide To Fine Wine

Guide to Fine Wine Investment

To start your wine investment journey, click to download our essential guide to fine wine investment for a comprehensive introduction to understanding wine as a tangible investment asset and how you can benefit from including it in your portfolio as part of your financial planning.

Market Report March 2019

The Latest Fine Wine Market Report

Our latest report provides a detailed insight into the most up-to-date market news, sector performance and specialist industry analysis. We have also included further analysis on the latest events, economic and geopolitical news, plus our Vin-X buyer recommendations.


An Introduction to Burgundy

Burgundy has been the top performing wine region in recent years and, given the extremely high values involved, investors need to know where the future growth potential lies in a broadening market. Our report has been written by Geoffrey Dean, wine journalist, member of the Circle of Wine Writers and an Associate of the Institute of Wine & Spirits.

Tax Treatment

Tax Treatment of Fine Wine

The favourable tax treatment of fine wine is one of the many attractions of investing in this tangible asset, however, there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account. Download the latest report prepared by an independent expert at one of the most extraordinary and economically challenging times in history.



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“Investment in fine wine is all about performance, with an impressive track record of returns and stability. The inherent value of fine wine gives me security and excellent long term growth potential.”

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Non-Executive Director, Vin-X Limited
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