Strengthen financial planning with fine wine

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Are you looking for a rewarding, investment proposition you can offer to your clients, which will enhance your existing service and income?

  • In the 12 months to 30th April 2017 the fine wine market (Liv-ex 100) grew over 19%
  • Both the Barclays Wealth and Knight Frank annual wealth reports clearly indicate “significant” investment in fine wine by High Net Worth Investors
  • Liv-ex, the “stock” exchange equivalent of the fine wine market, strengthens liquidity
  • Vin-X’S specialist fine wine investment platform for professional advisers and their clients provides a comprehensive fine wine investment solution

Financial planners are increasingly adopting investment strategies to include tangible, alternative assets such as fine wine, with proven performance history and the ability to diversify and strengthen portfolios.

Investor benefits:

  • Performance: a stable investment, whose performance is not directly correlated with volatile financial markets with an impressive track record of delivering strong long term growth that outperforms other asset classes
  • Tax advantage: profits on fine wine sales are generally exempt from Capital Gains Tax, subject to personal circumstances
  • The ability to hedge inflation and currency dynamics
  • A tangible alternative asset with inherent physical value
  • Diversification tool: a stable, low risk alternative asset which delivers strong long term growth potential

The Vin-X Wine Investment Platform

Vin-X can offer you the ability to provide access for your clients to the fine wine market safely.  We are one of the UK’s leading specialists, with systems specifically developed to analyse, identify and acquire investment-grade wines offering growth potential. Our systems and controls guarantee client ownership, safe storage and insurance of those wines. Our sales and marketing tools ensure that all clients receive essential market news. In turn, intermediaries and advisers will receive commission on all Vin-X wine purchases undertaken by their clients.

Learn how our fine wine platform can benefit your clientsStrengthen Financial Planning with Fine Wine – CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION – feature Vin-X Fine Wine Investment platform:

Are you already diversifying your clients’ portfolios with alternative assets?

The performance of alternative assets, such as fine wine, tends not to fluctuate with that of more volatile financial markets and they can hold their value during periods of expected inflation. They therefore offer an alternative form of portfolio diversification across assets and economic cycles.

A chart comparing wine to other assets since 1997

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